Some games here are brought in from places on the web. We try and have them play from our site if possible. Some will have their logos and branding and may even have a bit of advertisment. But not many.

Play a game  of chess on a flash chess III board all set to some very relaxing  background music and a nice nebula background as well

Duo Blaster is a third person shooting game involving a small fighter jet. Shoot things in your path while staying alive till the end of the level

Navy Glory

Take your ship out on different missions and destroy enemy ships, subs and planes out to stop you. Switch between 3 different weapons for the specific tasks at hand.


Destroy as many hostiles as you can without being destroyed. Your tank has a lot of armor but it can stand only for a while. Try to dodge enemy bullets by maneuvering laterally while shooting. Good Luck!


Classic Battleships. Use the mouse to place the ships. You cannot place a ship directly next to another one. Use the mouse to click on a spot you'd like to attack, then click the "Fire" button to confirm.

Treasure Cannon

Old Templar Vaults are full of treasure! Shoot your Cannon to hit Treasure Bricks. With each hit you'll knock out a Bonus. But just knocking out a Bonus is not enough - it must be caught to be collected! Your goal is to collect as many Bonuses as possible.


The Battlestar Razor Flash Game. You are in a Raptor with your cannons empty, so you must nuke the cylons in massive groups, to get through levels. Some scenes from the movie play between missions, skip or watch them.


In a remote jungle in Burma, John Rambo faces a new mission: protect  innocent villagers from a band of bloodthirsty soldiers. Now you must  step into Rambo’s boots and fight off waves of attackers!


It can be quite dangerous if you don't possess your own ship in the galaxy of stars, now you've got large piles of parts, can you build up one by yourself?


Think your the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it! Warning: These targets shoot back!


Infiltrate the enemy base and shoot their troopers down!


Gun down the enemies attacking your base


You play as the red diamonds. Your goal is to "take over the board, by leaping into spaces adjacent to those watery globule thingies. Trust me, it's easier to play  than explain.