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  Welcome to the new Starship Grandeur website! With Grandeur still at Starbase 131 (Pluto Station) getting totally refurbished and retro-fitted, we thought it would be a good time to refurbish the web site as well. We want your experience to be a great one here. Whatever your interests are, I think there will be something to find on our site of interest to you. Check out the short video clip for an offical welcome aboard. Your windows media player will open up

   The Departments Section will give you a brief overview of the main departments and sub departments that are aboard Grandeur. Tells a little bit about each department and who might be in charge of that department. For those that are wanting to know and see more of the other ships and shuttles that are aboard Grandeur, you will find them under “The Ships” section of this website. There you will find beauty shots and vessel specs not only for Grander but also our main support craft the USS Blackfoot, our MACO fighter the Screaming Eagle and our type 9 and type 11 shuttle crafts as well.

   The Grand Extras section will get you our Mission Statement, Living The Dream, Grandeur crew manifest, Merit Awards our Grandeur Ship Store and info on how to join the legend we call Grandeur. Check out the Media Section for hilarious Sound Files, Lounge Games, and Holodeck-13 games. Want to know more on what has been going on with our Stories, you will find that here and also our wonderful newsletter the "Sword of Avalon."  For those of you that love the Star Trek CCG, we have our very own Grandeur second edition deck that involves our ship, crew, and some of the other IFT ships and personnel... all made by our resident designer and executive officer, Darren R. Sexton.

   One last note of interest, for those that are farmilar with the Grandeur Project, we have an entirely different website devoted to the Project itself. There you will find who has been on and are still on the project team, and who we still need and are looking for to help out. Anything and everything on the 3D exteriors and interiors of the ship, all the props and models, and the Grandeur Theme Song. There will be more on the Grandeur stories, the newsletter and other publications as well as the many forums and threads that make up the project too. So if it is project related you will find it there. The address is  So we hope to hear from all of you who would like to e-mail us and give us your comments! We sincerely hope that your Starship Grandeur Experience is one of great satisfaction. 
Captain Out